Before applying new technology, Dr. Van Putten performs thorough research. Once it’s passed inspection, he invests in the latest and best equipment and dental supplies. Our office is all digital and chartless; fiber optic illumination and magnification assists in viewing procedures; lasers detect cavities faster; and our ultrasonic electric scaler hydrates and flushes under the gums with baking soda polishing available to give you the ultimate experience when having your teeth cleaned.

We care about how our treatment indirectly affects patient health, that’s why we stopped using mercury fillings over 15 years ago and have special filters to clean our water before is leaves our office.

Customer Service

Strong dental health is enhanced by a long term consistent relationship with your dentist. We work as a team to keep our patients happy and stand by what we deliver. Among other things, our patients love the way we work with their insurance company to help them gain the maximum possible benefits and make it less complicated to get treatments covered.