Dental Shaping Strip Patent

By September 12, 2019Patent

Developed by Clifford Van Putten in order to provide better white fillings.


A dental shaping strip includes a base portion and a shaping portion. The base portion has a first base surface and a second base surface facing in an opposite direction from the first base surface. The first and second base surfaces have prescribed longitudinal lengths and prescribed widths transverse to the prescribed longitudinal lengths. The shaping portion is connected to a longitudinal edge of the base portion. The shaping portion has a first shaping surface connected to the first base surface, with at least part of the first shaping surface being abrasive. The first and second base surfaces are at least partially non-abrasive. Preferably, the first shaping surface and the first base surface diverge from each other as they approach longitudinal free edges of the dental shaping strip. Preferably, the first and second base surfaces are non-abrasive along their prescribed longitudinal lengths.

Patent Numbers

Patent US 9237938 B2
Patent US 9089383 B2


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